Midwest Peevefest September 23, 2000

"mmmmm... Hacker Pschorr Weiss... Ask for it by name"

Mike Atkinson

"Welcome, now get out!"

Rebecca Atkinson

"Did you try to take my beer?"

Larry Owens

Lenore Levine and Maiko Covington

"I'll be damned... they put hops in this Alpha King beer, and it's a good thing..."

Phillip and Lori Birmingham

"Why yes, Mike, these are the keys of a ham radio operator... why do you ask?"

Robert Noles

"Maiko, quick! Hide Lenore!"

Maiko Covington and Peggy Currid

Lenore Levine, Maiko Covington and Peggy Currid

Remembering the "How do I safely beat my pregnant wife" thread in misc.kids.pregnancy

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